Boost your sales and after-sales !

Fleetback is a video solution specifically designed
for dealership’s sales and after-sales.

In after-sales

  • Send your customers a video explaining the extra works needed on their car
  • Thanks to visual proof and the digital quote, the customer can accept the works and even pay online.

In sales

  • Send your customers video presentations of their future cars (360° available)
  • Explain an option of the car via video tutorial
  • Tease your customers for their car delivery

Fleetback boosts your sales & improves customer satisfaction

Fleetback has helped Mercedes-Benz dealerships all over the world to increase their after-sales business.

More than 20% additional sales with videos

Over 92% of interventions have at least 1 additional accepted work

Most dealers have an acceptance rate of 90%

81% of dealerships have improved their relationship with their customers

89% of Fleetback interventions received a 5-star rating from customers

More than 1500 dealerships use Fleetback all over the world

Fleetback is available in all languages

Key benefits

Customer trust = Increased turnover

  • Customers get clear video explanations which gives them full transparency
  • Works are more easily accepted and understood thanks to visual proof and the expert’s advice
  • The e-quote and urgency level gives them a better understanding and therefor no surprise at reception
  • They can accept the repairs in full confidence with all the information they need

A real time saver

  • Making a Fleetback video takes less than 40 seconds
  • Customers get an SMS/Email notification so they can watch the video instantly
  • They understand more quickly and answer in less than 5 minutes
  • Thanks to automatic reminders, Fleetback does the work for you!
  • Less time on the phone, more time taking care of customers and working on cars

Easy to use

  • It takes less than 2 minutes to create a Fleetback intervention
  • There’s no material needed, only your phone
  • Fleetback is integrated to apps you already use, so there’s no extra work load
  • Simply scan the plate, film and send!

Workflow tool

  • Your processes are integrated to the Fleetback flow
  • Your brand’s checklists are configured in the app
  • Fleetback is integrated with CDK (DSDcom)
  • Warranty cases can be handled directly via Fleetback
  • Audit compliant: documentation is saved during 10 years with visual proofs
  • Export API for your documentation

Improved internal and external communication

  • Your customers don’t need to download any app, messages are sent directly via SMS & Email.
  • The chat option offers a 2-way communication with your customers
  • A centralized platform gathers all of the data in one place, accessible by anyone in your dealership
  • Internal messages and notifications enable you to stay in touch with your co-workers

A great performance analysis tool

  • Each manager can see an overview of their team’s global and personal performance
  • Identify best users and dealerships within your group
  • A complete statistics dashboard allows you to follow up with the group, per dealership and per user
  • Fleetback sends you a monthly report with comparisons to last period

4 simple steps

Step 1:

Identify your repair order

Scan the license plate of the car

Step 2:


Film a short video explaining to your customer what works need to be carried

Step 3:


add an “urgency” level and pricing to the repairs.

Step 4:

Send & receive confirmation

Send it to the customer and you can see when they read and accept. You’ll get a notification when they accept the works.

What Mercedes-Benz dealerships say

We value and appreciate Fleetback. It is an easy-to-use, intuitive and reliable tool.
We use Fleetback as part of our after-sales business. It meets our needs.
We secure our requests for approval and attach photos and videos.
Feedback from our customers is positive. The presentation is qualitative and also very easy to use for customers

G.E.E. (Mercedes France)
After-sales manager

What you get with Fleetback

Customer page example

Customer checklist example

In-App & Email notifications for new features every month

Personalized training for your sales, after-sales & management team

Monthly follow up (statistics and dashboard)

A centralized platform between users

Contact Form

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